Why Choose TADIM?

As leading brand in the Mediterranean, our family has been passionately producing nuts and seeds. We believe the fertile soil and abundant sunshine are what make our products so incredibly irresistible. Everything we do is designed to maintain the freshness, flavor and health benefits that nature has given them.

That’s why we work together with our farmers to provide exceptional products created sustainably and responsibly. All of our nuts and seeds are grown and harvested with the utmost respect for the land and community. Then they’re packaged in our pioneering facilities, created to reduce electricity and water consumption.

It’s just part of making a premium, tastier product. Like how we fresh roast using all-natural ingredients. Or how we put every nut and seed through extensive testing and analysis, including 25+ taste and quality control steps. And why you’ll never find us using  reservatives or artificial flavors, ever. Because, just like you, we only want to serve the best to our family and friends.

  • HAND-PICKEDHarvested by Mediterranean farmers with generations of knowledge.
  • FRESH ROASTEDCarefully roasted using all-natural ingredients.
  • PRODUCT OF THE MEDITERRANEANSourced, prepared and packaged in the heartland of healthy, delicious foods.
  • NO ARTIFICIAL FLAVORS, COLORS OR PRESERVATIVESWe believe in fresh flavor, no compromises.
  • HEART HEALTHYMay reduce the risk of heart disease.
  • NON-GMO VERIFIEDThird-party verified by nongmoproject.org.
  • VEGANNutty, delicious plant-based protein.
  • SUSTAINABLY SOURCEDCrafted with the utmost care for our people, planet and product.