Why Packaged Nuts?


For dried nuts and fruits to remain very fresh following their picking, they need to be preserved in an environment away from heat, humidity and light.


Packaging protects nuts from air pollution, germs in the air and the heat. Thanks to the particular technology used in their packaging, nuts and fruits reach your table "untouched", at the most hygienic standards. Despite the general liking for consuming dried nuts and fruits while warm, it is not healthy to consume them in this manner as the heat causes harmful bacterial growth on the nuts and a reduction in their nutritional value.

Dried nuts and fruits should at all times be subjected to testing for "aflatoxin" before reaching your table. Aflatoxin is a type of poisonous substance caused by a mould. Packaged nuts and fruits undergo strictly controlled production and control processes in terms of hygiene before reaching your table, showing that they have already passed tests for aflatoxin and similar substances.


Packaged nuts and fruits undergo various quality tests, both national and international, and are offered on the market only after they have been examined for compliance with health standards. For these reasons, when you purchase packaged dried nuts and fruits, you can be at ease in the knowledge that you and your loved ones can consume them safely.

Unlike when you purchase unpackaged dried nuts and fruits, if you encounter any situations that leave you dissatisfied, you can contact a corporate brand that can deliver services after your purchase and find a solution to the issue you encounter. 

TADIM and Packaged Nuts    

Tadım, as the leading packaged dried nuts and fruits brand, operates at a high level of standard regarding health and freshness, and dedicates utmost care to these matters. Meticulously running the stages of raw material selection, packaging and distribution, Tadım hold the ISO 22000 Production and ISO 9001 Management Standard certificates and conducts all production activities in accordance with these standards.

Thanks to their special packaging barring heat, humidity and light, contact with the external environment of Tadım products is reduced to a minimum, ensuring prolonged freshness. In the packaging process, freshness is ensured by eliminating the oxygen in the packs and filling them with nitrogen instead, a completely natural gas that makes up 78% of the air we breathe.