Our Human Resources Policy

Tadım regards people as the "fundamental resource and value" that mobilizes all other known resources of management. Through a distribution of roles it puts in place within the organization, it aims to increase within a system employee participation into management. It also constantly renews the organization by focusing on increasing employee contribution both into their specific posts and into the entire company.

In Tadım's perception of management, employees are not considered as the managed staff, but as persons who manage their own "work".  Tadım sets out the environment, policies and procedures through which employees will manage their work, and it improves and develops these together with the employees. Tadım's and the employees' interests are in line (good governance). At Tadım, human resources activities constitute a whole, and comprise efforts that cannot be confined to a single unit. The Human Resources Division is set up to run operations that require the cooperation of all sections and departments.    

Tadım regards Human Resources as a managerial function containing the activities of bringing together people capable of assuming roles that are projected to bring a competitive advantage in the market, and of laying out, planning, organizing, guiding and controlling policies that will help develop these individuals' contributions towards a goal "focused on a single process".

This policy measures the success of Human Resources Management by its ability to make available on a constant basis staff members who are knowledgeable and skilled, with a high sense of work ethics, who are capable of generating productive results and developing their skills for higher positions. It remains aware that the aforementioned success is possible through the cooperation of Human Resources with other section leaders and team mates.   For this reason, processes and decisions regarding Human Resources Management are spread out through the entire organization and have an impact on all employees.    

Job Application and Recruitment Process
The individuals that Tadım strives to make a part of the "Tadım Family" are those compatible with the company's culture and values, the most suitable talents that will succeed in the fast-changing market conditions and increasing competition using personal skills and capabilities.

Candidates wishing to work for our company may submit an application for vacant positions by filling out the application form in the "Job Applications" section on our website, or use our advertisements on the Recruitment Portal that we use. Tadım may contact candidates through recruitment agencies.

Applications for vacant positions are reviewed by the Human Resources Division and shared with the persons in charge in the relevant section. Candidates found suitable are called for interview. Candidates who successfully complete the recruitment process are made a job offer once the Human Resources  Division performs reference checks. 

Orientation Process
Employees joining the Tadım family for the first time are made part of an orientation process in their first month and in this way find an opportunity to know the Tadım family and its business model better. They simultaneously perform visits to production areas and sellers, as well as field observations.  At the end of the orientation process, they take up employment after their report containing their observations and opinions is reviewed. 

MT-Management Training Program

MT- Management Training Program enables new graduates to get acquainted with Tadım's culture and corporate business model. Employees selected for the relevant departments or sections receive initial training within pre-determined time periods from section or department directors and Tadım Corporate Academy sources to prepare them for the transition into working life, and they continue to make use of these resources. Besides the theoretical and applied training, they perform visits to production areas and sellers, as well as field observations. In order to assume a full position after the MT- Management Training Program, candidates present a feedback report and after its review they start the job.

Performance Assessment System

Through the Corporate Performance System, Tadım tries to see employees' contribution towards the goal "focused on a single process" and how these contributions are taken to the next level. It makes efforts to encourage employees to see each section and department as an Analytical Analysis Platform and to develop their skills of problem solving and process improvement within the system using the Common Analysis Language.

Career plans made for employees which contain targets written down on paper only and which link career progression to the passing of time are not found realistic by Tadım. It gives importance to all roles within the organization and opens up the path for all staff members achieving the best in their role. In other words, the fastest way for Tadım employees to climb up is to execute their current duties in the best way possible. The productivity-focused system "Assessment, Evaluation and Development of Individual Performances", a subsystem of the Corporate Performance System, is achieved through the cooperation of leaders and employees.

Section and department leaders within Tadım's organization are at the same time trainers. The Tadım Marketing Office develops projects towards the "Training of Trainers" and aims primarily to develop section leaders as a "Trainer". For this reason, section leaders should be knowledgeable on Tadım's business model, management policies, organization and system approach, and be able to advise the section's employees on how they may develop their contribution within the system. The System for Assessing and Evaluating Individual Performances operates within a cooperation where managers and employees at all levels assume defined roles. 

Training Policy

The aim of Tadım Marketing Office's "In-house Training Policy" is to elevate employee contribution to the system towards the "single process focused" goal and to increase average Corporate Performance. While achieving the single process focused goal, the Corporate Performance System developed to increase individual contributions within the system is a factor in determining the Productivity-Focused In-house Training needs. While forming a realistic and result-yielding In-house Training Policy, Tadım Marketing Office sets out from an approach that accepts "Training Processes" as essential to corporate activities.

Tadım envisages managers taking part in the organization to be simultaneously developed into trainers. The General Director, Section and Department Directors as well as Category Director and Managers must be guide Trainers in implementing "Business Models" in activities defined in their field of responsibility. 

Life at Tadım
The goal of Tadım's Human Resources is to enable employees to work in a synergy-generating harmony since their day first day at Tadım. This perspective aims to make new employees' lives easier since their day first day on the job with the help of the document “Life at Tadım- Practical Info” contained in the orientation kit. Care is taken to help encourage the development of a sense of belonging in the employees and to keep employee motivation at a high level with different events, opportunities are provided for exchange outside of the office.

Çetin Cevizler Outdoor Club plans outdoor sports activities in certain periods of the year to ensure that employees discover their talents through different activities and have an enjoyable time.